FormMaking vs. Interface

Back in grad school when I was working on my thesis, my advisor mentioned a game that had come out around the same time called Wild Devine. The game was a new age type of thing associated or branded by Depak Chopra, that aspect of it wasn't terribly interesting. But, the method of input was intriguing, the player would strap on a heart rate monitor as well as a couple of skin sensors and through meditation would move throughout the game. I believe Mike said something along the lines of, "wouldn't it be cool if you could design this way?" Though I never really delved much further into that topic other than a passing mention in my thesis book, the conversation stuck with me. The other day I was wandering through the new Whole Foods and I saw the game sitting there on the shelf. I almost bought it right then and there but the $200 dollar pricetag worked as a fairly good deterrent. Now a few months later we've decided to pursue full on R+D in conceptual areas of design and I'm reminded of that game again or at least the interface. So, one of my first research projects will be to investigate the idea of using these alternative methods of input and how they can be used in conjunction with 3D CAD/BIM software or even a virtual reality type cad system. I'm not sure what the end goal will be or what will come of the investigation, but, I think it may be an interesting area of exploration that may influence stuff we do later on. I've decided to tag this project as interfaceFORM on the sidebar.
In other news, squaresareevil.com will go live on Oct. 1, hopefully. At that time the site should be able to handle the addition of some other pages. In the meantime I'm going to be updating the blog's code whenever I get a chance to give the whole thing a more professional look.
Also tomorrow is Robothon, the Seattle robotics festival, I'll be going and hopefully I'll be able to do a writeup on sunday or monday.



I ran across this cheap 3D printer today on Engadget.
Supposedly will retail for $4995 which is a decent price for an enclosed system similiar to the Z-Corp stuff, as opposed to some of the other cheaper possibilities out there.

I figured this post would be a good spot to start the ball rolling on fabrication options and techniques.