ToGS Update

So I found out that the volume study I did wasn't quite right the second volume is 20' long, not tall.

I also came up with, what I think, may be a fairly compelling idea. I'm focusing on making hte space interactive with all the elements of the program but with out using any form of electronics, due to budget and other factors. I'm trying to think of the volume as a 20x20x24 pixel volume that can be reconfigured to whatever 3D complex form I want. The exterior always remains the same but the interior made up of 1000s of white balls, can be shifted depending on need. All the balls hang on strands from the roof, if the roof is open to the sky you should get a nice filtering of light inward. Because all of these "pixels" hang on strands they move and deform when people walk through them, they'll also be affected by the wind and the elements. Here's an early test rendering, I'm more just testing if ACad can handle all these spheres at once. It's a little blurry but it should give you an idea of what I'm going for.


TOGS Volumetric Study

There are two size options for the TOGS competition, I'm liking the scale and proportion of the taller one.


TOGS Competition

I found a competition I think I'm going to do.
It's for a temporary gallery in Austin, with possibility of construction, though they don't want you to worry about an express budget or details in Phase I.

Here's the site. Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space

Due March 24th 2008

I know you guys have a lot going on but, let me know if you're interested.
I'm going to start sketching up ideas tonight.