Space Elevator Research

Space Elevators
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note from wikipedia: "Stationary platforms are generally located in high-altitude locations, such as on top of high towers."

It does suggest that elevators would be autonamous. meaning no humans on board, do to radiation in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

I propose if we are to continue with this scheme we should assume that at some point, the life saftey issues with space elevators (cable gets cut, radiation, pressure) have been solved as these elevators became common place. This place the time period for our design at a future date, where space elevators has become a proven/common place technology.
Therefore our design should remember the need for shielding, pressure etc. BUT not be completely beholden to all the problems involved as we are assuming the technology will have solutions for those at some point in the future.


Mockups sept.26

SO this is an initial post..

A wiki would be better but we only get 12 mbs of upload space.
I could host something on my site but I think we need something that is quick and already running.
You should be able to upload as many images as you want. (i.e. board mockups)