Another Potential Competition


Brief: Design and open source mobile architecture/system/machine capable of functioning in extreme as well as temperate climates and containing mass production potential.
Design is meant to be a prototype for mobile research within extreme cold environments.

Type: Ideas/Prototype/Small Scale/Modular
Due date: July 1, 2009
Register: July 1, 2009
Fee: Free
Award: 5,000
Submission: (1) Digital Board 130cm x50cm @ 150dpi min. CMYK
Multiple Submissions?: No
Teams: Yes
License: No


Shop Shack Closing Reception and Flyer

Last chance to see our shop shack entry on display.
Here are all the entries in one image, not sure which one won.

under construction

under construction, originally uploaded by architecturegeek.

Hopefully we will be adding a bunch of the backlog this weekend


Dead before it began..

Stymied by requirements to be licensed (perhaps a gentle nudge by fate) we've decided to potentially drop the Bering Strait competition.  Now begins the search again for a new competition or project.

We bandied about several ideas ranging from pro-bono work and expiremental graffiti style architecture to picking another competition.

What follows are a few of the ones I've found that may be interesting to try:

Intersections: The Grand Concourse beyond 100

Brief: The concourse is a 4 mile 180' wide bundle of tree lined roadways that stretches through the Bronx.  Given the recent rebirth of the Bronx area the organizers are participants to look at ideas of all scales in an effort to improve/evolve the existing concourse.

Type: Master Plan/Ideas/Urban Design
Due date: May 1, 2009
Register: April 24, 2009
Fee: $30
Award: $5,000
Submission: (4) Digital Boards 11x17 @ 300dpi
Multiple Submissions?: Yes
Teams: Yes
License: No

2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom

Brief: "We are inviting you, teachers, students, architects and designers, to work together to design the classroom of the future for a school of your choosing. Your design should address the unique challenges your school faces in trying to provide smart, safe and sustainable learning spaces. Students and teachers, here's your chance to tell the world what you need to make your classroom more effective. Architects and designers, you'll work one-on-one with students to translate those needs into better classroom design."

Type: Ideas/Classroom Design/Built
Due date: June 1, 2009
Register: May 4, 2009
Fee: $25
Award: $50,000 towards contruction of classroom, $5,000 grant for designers
Submission: (min. 4) Digital Boards 15x10 @ 200dpi, include 3D model
Multiple Submissions?: Yes
Teams: Yes (team should include a school or educators)
License: No

FormShift Vancouver

"The City of Vancouver has developed Climate Change Action Plans as well as the EcoDensity Charter – policies and principles to guide greener and denser development, improve building performance, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the city’s overall livability. Vancouver was the first city in Canada to adopt The 2030 Challenge for green house gas reduction, committing each of us to reducing our collective environmental impact. Vancouver City Council has taken that commitment a step further with the stated goal of becoming “the greenest city in the world”.

FormShift Vancouver challenges you to give shape to these goals through ideas and design solutions that will help shape the future of the city. Be it by expanding upon Vancouver's traditional design solutions or offering an entirely new perspective, this is your chance to build a hypothetical form of the future, one that is in keeping with the vibrant, ecologically-friendly and sustainable city to which we aspire

Type: Master Plan/Ideas/Urban Design/Small Scale
Due date: April 6, 2009
Register: March 20, 2009
Fee: $100
Award: $6,000
Submission: (2) Digital Boards A1 Portrait @ 300 dpi
Multiple Submissions?: Yes
Teams: Yes
License: No


Bering Strait Meeting - 3|3|09

Last night we came up with a list of items we'd like to research in order to better understand what our design needs to be.

The following are topics we need to look into for the next meeting:

-power usage/generation
-implications of global warming on structure
-local culture (Russian, Alaskan, Diomede)
-Current and Geothermal conditions - Jared
-Wind and Ice flows - Trevor
-Temperature and Weather Patterns - Erik
-Ocean Swells, conditions, averages
- Natural resources and Wildlife - Sam
- Local/national infastructure
- History
- Shipping Lanes, Traffic Lanes in Pacific
- Propulsion Technologies
- The Economics of shipping and transit


I can see Russia from my house!

We begin a new competition, this time with a significant chunk of people.  (7 at last count)
Competition Site is here: http://www.bering-competition.org/
Deadline is: May 26, 2009

The goal is to connect the United States to Russia via the Bering Strait with a quirky little peace park located on one of the Diomede Islands.  According to wikipedia Big Diomede (Ru) is approx. 11 sq. mi and Little Diomede (US) is 2.8 sq. mi with the international dateline lying in-between.
Little Diomede has a population of ~146 while the island of Big Diomede has a unknown number of persons after a forced evacuation during the 1940s.

Obviously the subject of the competition has been proposed before and has only increased in popular imagination in recent years including a Discovery Channel special.

Here's one of the other proposals: http://www.transglobalhighway.com/