pixelSPACE with Lighting

Some quick renderings of the partially finished model now with lighting in the canopy. I'm not liking the lexan in daylight, may be important to remove walls entirely and support some other way. I do really like how everything looks at night the pixels create a real nice filter for the light.


DWR Furniture Competition

DWR is hosting a furniture exhibition.

See Here for info
See Here for Submission form.

Only one entry per designer, so we can't do this one as a team but thought you guys may be interested.



Here's one of the first concept renderings of pixelSPACE using 3/4" lexan as the structural system, still some serious lateral issues. The form itself still needs to be worked out in a way that appears more 3D rather than a random scattering. Other possibilities include a central tree structure system rather than having all the structure at the exterior walls. The small scale tests (to be posted later) I've done of the pixel strands seem to work and I really think the space would seem immersive and interactive.
But, I worry about the strands extending through blank areas which may cut down on the sculptural feel of the space.


Initial Sketch pixelSPACE v1

Here's the initial concept sketch for pixelSpace.
Also registered for TOGS today....


pixelSPACE v1

Interior Rendering of pixelSPACE v1, as I've taken to calling it.
The concept is interesting enough I may do a couple of different versions to explore the idea.

At the moment this model doesn't really reflect the 3D form on the inside that I want it to, but it does show the concept and the feeling of being surrounded by all these balls.
Came up with a very simple system this weekend for controlling location of "pixels" and began work on a small physical model, which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.