pixelSPACE new structure

Some new structure tests based on the crit.
It now has some big time connection issues (little concerned about keeping water out.)


pixelSPACE renderings

Experimenting with a bunch of different ideas as far as the structure goes, need to make it more transportable, then one solid chunk of steel or plastic.


pixelSPACE rotated module

Renderings of two modules, one rotated.
Night and Day


pixelSPACE Dual Module

Couple of renderings of pixelSpace with two modules and lexan surround. I horribly screwed up the scaler material and as a result they've turned into noise. The pixels have been constrained to one area to form more of a cloud than a cavity in this version. Lights are suspended within the pixel cloud to give it a glow at night.


pixelSPACE structure mockup

More renderings of the pixelSpace concept, combining structure with existing interior.
Night and Day. (probably need a better steel material. hmmm...)

The thing I like about this rendition is the amount of possibilities it affords. When combined with another unit the look of the entire design changes. Another module could be added on virtually and side and in most directions based upon need and site. The Lexan panels can also go on any or all of the open sides. Combined with the shifting nature of the "pixels" and adaptability is the name of the game on this one.

I need to add the lexan panels to the renderings as well as a variety of artwork. Looks like part of the concept is to keep it "secure"

pixelSPACE Structure tests

I'm contemplating the idea of using a folded plane as the structure as opposed to the sheets of lexan do to access and structural issues. Also messing with modular construction to allow for both of the suggested sizes.